Alan aims both barrels at Worcester for “appalling” facilities

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June 5

June has started well for Barbury, with Elgin, Sula Island and Beringer all winning on the Flat, but Alan did not enjoy his day’s jumping at Worcester last Saturday nearly as much and came out with all guns blazing at the racecourse’s treatment of owners, which he described as “disgraceful”.

In a manner which would doubtless have caused a wry smile up above from his mentor, David Nicholson, Alan left nobody in doubt over his feelings, and if you missed Sunday’s Racing Post here is a precis of his grievances.

Alan, who saddled Azzerti there for Max McNeill and Greg Stone, said:”Worcester has never been the best for comfort, but in my opinion last Saturday they reached an all-time low.

“The two owners and trainers bars were given over to hospitality, and we got stuck in a little shed overlooking the river with a tiny little screen which had been borrowed from the Tote.

“We were all crammed in there, and the bar was about 4′ long, besides which the majority of the beer pumps were not working most of the day. It was just a very uncomfortable experience, and to expect owners to be treated like that is simply unacceptable.

“Max and Greg are big players in the sport, and they are both adamant that they won’t be going back to Worcester, whose priority is clearly to get as many people through the gates and open up the bars for them, while the owners and trainers can go to hell. It’s appalling.

“The list of owners who have instructed me not to make any entries for Worcester is growing by the meeting as they don’t want to return unless there is a dramatic improvement in the facilities. It’s miles the worst course I ever go to.

“It was better there 20 years ago – most tracks have improved their facilities, but Worcester have gone the other way, and last Saturday was simply disgusting.”