Wayne Hutchinson


Wayne Hutchinson

Professional Jockey

If Gareth Bale suffers a goal famine then Real Madrid know they can still rely on Cristiano Ronaldo, and, similarly, Barbury have been lucky that whenever Choc Thornton has been out through injury, we have had a more-than-able deputy in Wayne Hutchinson. He seems destined to be one of the game’s leading players, and these last couple of seasons his race-riding has developed confidence and maturity to the point that with Choc still on the sidelines we have no hesitation in calling him our stable jockey.

Success breeds success, and with Wayne doing so well on our horses plenty of trainers have been quick to call upon his services, including Jonjo O’Neill and Donald McCain. Wayne was not bred into the job – his father was a postman – but it did not take him long to stamp both his personality and ability on the sport of kings, and, having learned his trade from two former greats in Stan Mellor and Jeff King, he joined the Barbury team in the summer of 2002 and has never looked back since.

Wayne rates Cheltenham Festival successes on Oh Crick and Medinas, together with his Scottish (Godsmejudge) and Welsh Grand National (Halcon Genelardais) victories among the highlights of his career so far. “My dream when I was a kid was to play football at Wembley, but I wasn’t good enough to make the grade. Luckily, I was short enough to be a jockey,” said Barbury’s 30-year-old number one.