The ‘Barbury’ yard is separated into 5 barns, with each barn providing the horses with a blend of excellent ventilation and shelter from the elements. Each barn undergoes regular disinfection to ensure the horses have a clean and comfortable environment to obtain optimum results. The spa is a key component in the aid of a horse’s recovery, a mixture of chlorine and Epsom salts in water varying between 1-3 degrees centigrade, with a ‘Jacuzzi’ like effect on the horses legs. It provides any individual with niggling issues a perfect opportunity to recuperate after the rigours of a mornings exercise.


As we cannot accommodate all our horses at Barbury we have 43 boxes situated at Sharpridge, a stones throw away from us. With its own indoor arena, 6 horse walker and American style barn, with excellent ventilation, no horse is left wanting for comfort.